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Andy Pike,

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(2)The female physiology generally has an increased ability to naturally suppress neuroendocrine such as adrenaline production

(3) Baylis et al (2013) Age (Dordr). Vol 35(3): 963–971

Therein resides a potential physiologic problem for a modern-day man. His system is set up on pre-historic rules but his demeanour is supposed to be dressed up in the varnish of a law abiding gentleman. Could such internal physiologic conflict be a reason for a human male dying earlier? 

Of course there could be many reasons for gender longevity being this way and indeed the length of ones life doesn’t mean that the quality of life is greater. Nevertheless, this is a statistic which should warrant investigation as I will now attempt to expand upon.   As an ex-soldier working in the health care setting I have treated and trained individuals for more than thirty years. Over this time I have come to notice a prevailing attitude adopted by many men. This behavioural propensity is one of either intentionally or unintentionally being nonchalant regarding their health. “She’ll be right mate” can be a vocal sentence applauded by some if not many.   I always admire the men who have the proactivity to show up to my clinic4, because they will often have heard from their doctors that I am not a conventional physio (5). Still, they have often reached a point of not knowing what to do with their deteriorating health condition, so I guess in many cases visiting me could be called a last resort. A few will have also heard, from previous people I have seen, that their body might do some weird things like shake and heat up or sweat profusely and twitch. Indeed many men (and women) do present in this way and any physiologist, versed with the function of the human autonomic nervous system, will relate these expressions as a release of held patterns of experience stored in the tissues and fluids of the body. Furthermore, an ethologist will remark on the same expressions presenting in most mammals when they escape a dangerous life threatening situation. 

Some therapists might associate these expressions to being the release of  stored anger, rage, fear, excitement etc. But I find it more useful to refer and relate to these expressions as “patterns of experience”. These stored reactive patterns could have been the body’s best attempt at keeping the fight-flight tendency from expressing itself at a time which was 
‘inappropriate’. As such, these tendencies are only a problem to the body when they remain beneath the radar of consciousness, whereas the awareness of them, in a conducive environment, helps break the vicious cycle and free the undercurrent of physiologic friction.


(4) Women seem to find it much easier to realise they need to get help…could this be another variable contributing to the disparity of gender longevity?

(5) I specialise in treating accumulated physiologic stress and post traumatic physiology overwhelm  

We could talk here about other physiologic tendencies, which some call the freeze-flop responses, like the deer frozen in front of the head lamps or the possum feigning death. These tendencies are also a presentation I witness a lot, especially female physiology. I will write another article regarding this when it is women’s health week.   In summary, health is a non-dual and universal expression all humans have access to…indeed it is what we are. However, using the conventional understanding of health and to be proactive towards addressing the modern male traits and tendencies, it is useful to encourage men to overcome the bravado of “sucking it up” when unharmonious symptoms start to manifest themselves, both physiological and psychological. There are a wonderful team of doctors in Pomona/Cooroy (who don’t just prescribe medications to suppress symptoms). Also, there are a number of well versed complimentary health care therapists in this region who are generally diligent with referring to other practitioners where relevant. 

I encourage any man who is suffering with muscular tension, headaches, nausea, anxiety, suspected high blood pressure, ‘anger’, heart palpitations, spine immobility etc etc to overcome hesitation and pay their health care workers a visit. Accessing your health is worth it. One extra observation I would like to add before ending and that is with regard to group facilitated mens health. Following the recent period of time in isolation, and still adhering to social distancing, many of us will feel hesitant to join group gatherings, no matter how small. The vibration of our ancestors will be uncomfortable with this hesitation as men, at one time, would have resonated to a fire to join other men whilst the women would be similarly joined in their own way close by. These times were integrating times amplified by the vibrant vitality of the elements.  

The present day doesn’t offer many connecting gatherings in this manner, unless intoxicants are used as a method of dulling inhibitions or excessively stimulating the nervous system as an excuse to connect. Yet, we don’t need such health inhibiting substances to benefit from each others presence. Furthermore, we can imbibe the presence of each other without needing to utter a word as nature itself brings us together. This does not mean we need to stand silent around a fire to reintegrate. We can even be inside and 1.5 metres apart doing some stretches together or talking together on a relational theme. Such gatherings are incredibly useful for the optimisation and expression of health. Thanks for reading. To your health.

Andy Pike Quandrant