The Pomona and District Community House Inc. (PCH) links people, skills and resources to advance the social well-being and capacity of the local community to become diversified, vibrant and strong.  We believe everyone can contribute they just need to be encouraged and supported. We assist existing community groups, where necessary, through practical support and hire of facilities. Consistent with its own objectives, the House also fosters new start-up groups.  


PCH provides a harmonious social meeting place where practical ideas are nurtured to reality for the good of those who call this special part of the Sunshine Coast home.  We create opportunities for individuals and groups to come together for the benefit of the broader community and encourage activities, programs and events that support community participation, social interaction, health and well-being and which promote a safe and just community. 


Pomona & District Community House Inc. will ensure that people accessing our programs and services are made aware that we are committed to promoting opportunities for choice and participation.  Clients have the right to access our programs with ease and to be kept informed of new developments, changes or cancellations. Our client service charter clearly recognises the right of all clients to expect high standards of programs and service delivery. 


Pomona & District Community House Inc. will use the client service charter as a mechanism for implementing and reviewing the way in which clients:


•    Receive information about programs and services and how to access them.


•    Participate in making decisions that are relevant to them.


•    Are provided with opportunities to participate in program and service planning, development, implementation and evaluation.


•    Are freely provided with a mechanism for any grievance.

This Charter document can be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the button below.  From there you can create a printed copy for reference.