Image by Matt Seymour

the great
up-cycling challenge

Beginning in 2018 an upcycling competition was the result of a Pomona and District Community House initiative in support of National Recycle Week. (2nd week each November).

Our aim is to educate communities to think about what waste is and how we can creatively reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are now setting our future sights on growing into a town wide event for Pomona.. Now in its fourth year along with The Great Upcycling Challenge, we are planning to include handcraft demonstrations and workshops (of course using recycled materials), enviro-waste talks, exhibitions in 2 local galleries, a recycle-theme market day, a soap box stand and are starting to develop educational resources. Many of our local businesses are supporting these endeavours via sponsorship and/or participation... we even have a cool challenge lined up for some of them, with the public as judges!

Now It is the time for you to start dreaming about your own piece/s to enter in the Great Upcycling Challenge, to be held at the Pomona Railway Gallery.  So collect some local ‘waste-resources’ and have some fun making them useful again! get creative, its open to all ages!

GRC Challenge Poster
Bottle Fundraiser
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Cool Cucumber
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